Southern Oregon Epilepsy Group was established by Amy Mathis in September of 2015 shortly after her own son Kallen was diagnosed with epilepsy. It became clear what Oregon needed when Amy was unable to locate a support group, local education center or organization focused on this disorder. She has made it her mission to provide for others what has not been available in the past for those living through their own personal journey. Amy’s goal is to provide support to those with epilepsy and their families, educate the community about epilepsy, provide grants for seizure response service dogs and monitoring devices to those in need with the hope of providing peace of mind and raising SUDEP awareness.

When you joins our team of warriors, to counsel, support, educate or donate you are making a commitment to be apart of the solution and resolve of something life changing for someone else. Our mission is not to become wealthy for personal gain but to become wealthy spiritually, by changing the quality of life of a stranger because its simply what we should do.

Exercise and Epilepsy

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  Exercise improves fitness, energy and mood and relieves stress. Improving overall health and wellbeing in this way can help reduce seizures and the impact of …

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Amy MathisExercise and Epilepsy

Ketogenic Diet: Uses in Epilepsy

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The Ketogenic Diet: Uses in Epilepsy and Other Neurologic Illnesses Kristin W. Barañano, MD, PhD and  Adam L. Hartman, MD Author information ► Copyright and License information ► See …

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Amy MathisKetogenic Diet: Uses in Epilepsy

The Original Inspiration Behind SOEG… But not the last.

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We would like to thank Curt & Carol Bennett of Medford, Oregon. The Bennett’s are long time members of our community. They have sponsored countless …

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Amy MathisThe Original Inspiration Behind SOEG… But not the last.